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Montagu is blessed with the wonderful climate that the Cape offers. It has warm to hot summers, mild winters and long spring and autumn months. The town is surrounded with hills. The unpolluted horizon is one of the chief attractions. Flowers are a passion among the town's gardeners. The annual Rose show in October is the showcase for the towns famous range of roses.

Montagu was founded in 1851 on the farm of Uitvucht which had belonged to Pieter Swanepoel since 1841. The village was named after JOHN MONTAGU - the Colonial Secretary of the Cape. He went there to "baptise" the town. Joubert House which was built in 1853 is generally accepted as the oldest house in Montagu. Montagu, once known as "Agter Cogman's Kloof" lies between the Keisie and Kingna Rivers which join at the western extremity of the town. One of Montagu's chief attractions are the radioactive hot springs situated on the edge of the present day town. It is not certain when these were first discovered but the refreshing and healing waters were known about in the early history of the town.

The Drotdy Museum
The Drostdy was built by the Dutch East India Company in 1747 to serve as residence and official headquarters for the Landdrost. Soon after a gaol, a house for the secretary, a mill and various outbuildings were erected.
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